Sector Financiero

The financial sector

Here at HI iberia we help our clients in the financial sector to create value for their businesses, collaborating to achieve excellence in the services they offer. To this end we contribute our experience in the majority of the technical fields found in a major bank, carrying out the following tasks:

Communications and microprocessor systems incident management.

Management and monitoring of the quality of the service offered by the companies entrusted with solution of incidents, providing our own team for central services.

Development of applications in the J2EE, Websphere, DB2 and Oracle environments, ad hoc from our development factory.

Our advanced testing workflow during the entire life service life cycle(development laboratories: QA centre, ClearCase and ClearQuest) enable test management at quality levels highly valued by our clients. We specialise in automation projects and performance analysis with Quality Centre (HP).

Administration, installation and support of applications. Websphere, AIX, Windows, DB2, ClearCase and ClearQuest.