HI iberia: Consultoría y servicios de calidad en software
La compañia

The Company

HI iberia has been providing ICT solutions and outsourcing for our clients for more than 20 years, contributing flexibility, rapid response to the market and new business models.

All this is possible thanks to our speed in detecting new opportunities and adapting our services.

Our commitment to innovation and quality is our best recommendation.

We look after our own, we look after you.

Our main objective is to enhance our clients' competitiveness, contributing value in the deployment of new services and solutions both internally and externally, and providing the required flexibility and efficiency.
Concern for our clients is a true reflection of how we look after our own people. Our Human Resources policy is based on a relationship of transparency and continuous collaboration.

More than 20 years of innovation and quality

HI iberia was founded in 1989 by Howard International Inc, a global engineering and software development project consultancy present in USA, the UK and the Netherlands and employing more than 2,500 engineers.

Since its beginnings in 1989 HI iberia has undergone continuous growth, establishing new, innovative business models with constant commitment to R&D&i, client-oriented development and technological services as the main points of reference.

We are here at your side

With more than 20 years' experience, HI iberia offers flexible professional services and solutions focused on the following business areas:

Technological consultancy

We provide highly specialised ICT consultancy, contributing solutions which harness state-of-the-art technologies to benefit our clients by enhancing the profitability of their businesses.

Development factory

Thanks to our extensive team of qualified experts we are able to cover all software development areas, from the needs analysis and architectural design to implementation, development and systems integration. The continuous training of our qualified staff means we are always at the cutting edge of new technologies. Our objective: high quality and high performance.

Projects with Public Authorities

We support the development of information technologies in public bodies (local, regional and national authorities), adapting our services to the needs of each public body with the objective of providing citizens and civil servants with modern, specific, accessible and inter-operable systems.

Research and Development

Working through innovation to bring the future to the present. Our objectives are differentiation through enhancement of the quality of our products, discovery of new functions and exploration of new technologies and products.

Software Quality

We provide solutions and high-quality management services at all stages of the life cycle of projects and telecommunications systems: quality throughout the life cycle, preventive quality, performance analysis and computer security.


Specialised hardware and software maintenance: from maintenance of satellite telecommunications facilities to maintenance of microprocessor systems.

Human Resources

We manage talent. Our human resources team, specialised in personnel selection, ensures the achievement of highly qualified professional profiles.